Expect a new kind of laundromat when you visit either our Metairie Laundromat, or our Baton Rouge laundromat.

New Washers That Lovingly Clean Your Clothes!

Our new high-efficiency washers load from the front. This means you can fit more clothes per wash.  Older top-loading washers beat up your clothes with a big plastic corkscrew. Look at our front-loading washers. No corkscrew!

Also, these new washers spin more water out your clothes. This means a faster drying time!

Your Clothes will Thank You for Using our Dryers

We picked our new dryers carefully, and with you in mind. The dryers are new technology designed to dry your clothes fast without cooking them! You can see the dryer time remaining with the easy to read display.  And every dryer has an extra large door opening for easy loading, and unloading.

Stay in Touch While Getting Your Clothes Clean

At Laundry King enjoy air-conditioned comfort while watching our flat screen television.  With our free Wi-Fi you can work on your laptop, or use your smartphone.

No Quarters? You Don’t Need ‘Em With Our Smart Card System

Our machines use a smart card system where you just swipe the smart card and the washer or dryer starts. Simple and easy.

Employees Always Available If You Have Questions

During operating hours, an employee is always ready to help if you need assistance in operating our machines.

If you, and your clothes, want a pleasant change on wash day, then come to Laundry King. We have a Baton Rouge laundromat, and a Metairie laundromat.

Commercial Laundry Services Available!

Contact the nearest Laundry King location for more information.